Can you guess the Black Mirror episode from the emojis?

Season five of Charlie Brooker’s dystopian drama Black Mirror is just days away.

The latest season will deliver three hour-long episodes featuring Miley Cyrus and a host of big screen stars, and will be available to view exclusively on Netflix.

The show now enjoys global appeal and, to many, is unrecognisable from the relatively humble beginnings of its premiere season, broadcast on Channel 4 in 2010.

Brooker’s creation continues to enjoy widespread acclaim. Season four’s sci-fi epic USS Callister won three Emmy Awards last year, among a flurry of nominations.

And to mark the show’s return, Better Buy Insurance is testing fans’ knowledge of Black Mirror with a unique visual quiz.

We’ve plotted the storylines of classic episodes using only emojis. Can you guess them?

Strange Insurance: Which body part has your favourite celebrity insured?

Our latest research revealed the body parts that the average Brit would insure if given the chance – but for many celebrities, this isn’t just a pipe dream.

Our data revealed the body part that the average person would be most likely to insure – with a quarter of Brits confessing they’d insure their hands if they could.

However, the same can’t be said for certain celebrities who choose to insure their best money-making assets for millions. It is rumoured that Kardashian queen Kim has insured her bum for around $21m!

However, only 5% of British females would do the same and choose to insure their bum. Surprisingly, men are more likely to do so, with 7% wanting to insure their behinds.

But what about our action heroes of the cinema screen? 007 hunk Daniel Craig is believed to have insured his whole body for $9.5 million. To throw punches with the likes of 007, Brits agree that arms need to be kept in good shape, and almost 1 in 5 (18%) Brits say they’d consider insuring them.

Every friendly face needs an award-winning smile and actress Julia Roberts knows all about this. She’s said to have insured her Pretty Woman smile for an impressive $30 million. Brits want to try and keep their smile beaming to the same standard with 18% revealing they’d also insure their mouths. This seems to be a trend as Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is rumoured to have done the same, insuring her smile for $10 million.

Apparently ‘it’s not unusual’ to want to insure your chest hair either. Rumour has it Tom Jones has done exactly that – insuring his infamous chest hair for $7 million. Men of Britain have taken interest in following the footsteps of the well-loved Welshman with 12% confessing they’d do the same.

From sporting stars to pop princesses, legs are arguably one of the most preferred body parts to get insured. David Beckham reportedly insured his left and right pegs for $70 million, whereas country singer turned pop sensation Taylor Swift has supposedly done the same for $40 million.

It seems Brits would like to follow suit, with 23% revealing they’d also consider insuring their legs.

With possibly one of the strangest body parts to be insured, popstar Miley Cyrus is rumoured to have insured her tongue for $1 million.

Keeping with the strange theme, 4% of Brits would insure their nails and a whopping 1 in 10  would financially protect private parts!

Guess you’ve got to have everything covered…

iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs. Android – what the data tells us

iPhone vs. Android is an age-old debate with the power to create heated arguments no matter where you are – you could be at home with your families, out and about with close friends or even at your desk working – but as soon a comment is made in favour of iPhones or Androids, you’re sure to witness a dividing debate.

But we’d like to know why this is. What really makes an iPhone or an Android user?

We’ve collated data around the attitudes, habits and general quirks of British Android and iPhone fans.


iPhone or Android? % more likely than the other brand user
Is a female iPhone 18.04%
Thinks of themselves as well dressed iPhone 12.13%
Thinks they have bad social skills Android 10.93%
Visits Greggs Android 10.48%
Failing their children is one of their biggest concerns iPhone 10.43%
It’s important that their families approve of their partner iPhone 10.33%
Visits Marks & Spencer iPhone 9.21%
Visits Poundland Android 8.69%
Has expensive taste iPhone 8.47%
Values family over everything iPhone 8.45%
Thinks weddings are a waste of money Android 8.23%
Thinks marriage is an outdated institution Android 7.04%
Thinks it’s important to find their place in society iPhone 6.34%
Buys clothes from George Android 6.27%
Buys clothes from ASOS iPhone 6.09%
Only buys the best-known brands iPhone 5.38%
Visits Nando’s iPhone 5.06%
Uber user iPhone 5%


Survival in the age of ‘always on’ – Better Buy Insurance’s ten-point guide

Mobile phone insurance provider Better Buy Insurance has teamed up with a leading addiction expert to produce a guide for survival in the age of ‘always on’.

‘Always on’ refers to the phenomenon of feeling constantly contactable, and the anxiety many feel as a result when they are without their phone.

The guide has been produced with Dr Mark Griffiths, who is a psychologist and Distinguished Professor of Behavioural Addiction at Nottingham Trent University.

  1. Don’t go cold turkey

Griffiths says: “Start by proving to yourself that you can go 15 minutes without your phone. Over time, increase the length of time without checking some of your favourite apps until you get into a daily habit of being able to spend a few hours without the need to check your phone.

  1. Set aside daily periods of self-imposed non-screen time

“Meal times and bedtime are a good starting place – in fact, these rooms should be made technology-free. Another strategy to try is having a technology-free day at the weekends.

  1. Only respond to emails and texts at specific times of the day

“Looking at emails just three times a day – perhaps at 9am, 1pm and 4pm – will save lots of time in the long run. Turning off email and social media, disabling push notifications, or simply putting your phone on silent will also reduce the urge to constantly check mobile devices.

  1. Keep your phone only partially charged up

“This means users have to be sparing when checking their mobile devices.

  1. Use a proper alarm clock

“By using a standard alarm clock to wake you in the morning, you will avoid the temptation to look at emails and texts just as you are about to go to sleep or just as you wake up – or in the middle of the night if you are a workaholic!

  1. Wear a wristwatch

“Many people check the time using the phone, but this can also lead to noticing a text, email or Tweet. By using an old-fashioned wristwatch – not a smart watch! – the urge to reply to messages will decrease.

  1. Engage in activities where it is impossible or frowned upon to use your phone

“Engage in digitally-incompatible activities where it is impossible to access your phone simultaneously, like jogging, swimming, meditation, outdoor walks in wi-fi free areas, or going to places where technology is frowned upon, like places of worship or yoga classes. In social situations, you could even turn people’s need to check their phones into a game. At the pub, the first one to check their phone has to buy the next round!

  1. Reduce your contact lists

“Reduce your number of Facebook friends, stop following irrelevant blogs, delete unused apps and unsubscribe from online groups that have few benefits.

  1. Tell your work colleagues and friends

“Checking emails and texts can become an almost compulsive behaviour because of what psychologists have termed ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out). But by telling everyone you know that you will not be online for a few hours, they will be less likely to contact you in the first place and you will be less likely check for messages.

  1. Fill the void

“You must replace the activity of checking your phone with something that is either physically, psychologically or spiritually rewarding. When I’m on holiday, I catch up on all the novels that I’ve been meaning to read. In shorter spaces of time, I doodle, write ‘to do’ lists, generate ideas to write about, or simply do nothing and be mindful and aware of the present moment). In short, try to be productive – or unproductive – without having to resort to technology.”

Love and ‘Appiness: How to create the perfect dating profile!

Online dating can be a daunting experience. There are thousands of profiles on the web and on dating apps, each with the same goal: finding love.

So, how can you can stand out from the crowd? Whatever your situation may be, and whatever you’re looking for, rest assured that with these helpful tips you’ll be giving yourself the best chance of finding that special someone.

First impressions count

Despite what you might hear, the best way to give your profile a boost is to include a number – and variety – of photos. So, yes, the five selfies you have standing in your bathroom mirror with the same top on have to go. Really. A picture says a thousand words, so you should use this space on your profile to showcase your hobbies, interests or anything that is special in your life.

 It’s all about you!

Granted, this tip might seem a bit obvious, but it’s crucial that your profile conveys who you really are. What details make you, you? You might not like them yourself, but a potential date might just love them! The biography on your profile lets other people understand you that little bit better and might even be a conversation starter! Embrace your uniqueness, there may be over 7 billion people on the planet, but there’s only one you.

Your bio could be make or break, so make sure you keep it relevant – save the deep and meaningful stuff for another time and keep it positive – let people know what you love, not what you hate! Above all, make sure it’s easy to read, well-structured and concise.

Be honest

Whether you’re tall, short or somewhere in between, it’s important to be upfront and honest. The last thing you want is for those little white lies to come back and haunt you! Online dating is full of people pretending to be something they’re not, so authenticity is key!

The truth is, there aren’t any hard and fast physical parameters that make someone an ideal partner. Whatever your shape or size, there’s going to be someone who finds you attractive.

As well as being honest about who you are, you should be honest about what you want. If you’re looking for a short-term relationship or just for somebody to walk the dogs with on a Saturday afternoon, you should mention it. By doing this you can filter out people who just aren’t going to be right for you and you’ll be one step closer to finding your ideal partner!

Why our own model of the world informs our beliefs about sharing passwords in a relationship

Would you trust a partner not to access your personal accounts after a break-up?

New research conducted by mobile phone insurance provider Better Buy Insurance suggests that nearly two-thirds of Brits (65%) don’t.

We asked performance trainer and life coach Jamie Skipper to share his views on the debate around trust and privacy in relationships.

As a life coach and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) practitioner, I’ve coached hundreds of clients with “trust issues”.

I’ve also had the great pleasure of working with clients on their relationships and have even been a mediator between husband and wife.

And the one thing that always comes to the surface is the issue of trust.

In this context, the question many may ask is ‘why wouldn’t you share your passwords with your partner if you have nothing to hide?’.

To answer that, go back 30 years and ask yourself if you’d share your personal diary with your partner.

Your every thought and feeling about your life, in every changing moment?

You might answer ‘yes’, but I want you to really think about that for a moment.

We don’t keep diaries these days in the digital world, although we do have apps and notepads that can replace it.

Imagine your life on your smart phone – everything – your contacts, your messages, your social media, pictures and videos, everything stored digitally in the palm of your hand!

I believe trust starts with ‘the self’.  Everyone has different values and beliefs and we need to respect those, and when we think about our own individual view of the world, there’s no right or wrong.

In this context, both of the following statements, ‘If you have nothing to hide then you would share your passwords’ and ‘If you trusted me, I wouldn’t need to share my passwords’ are right according to your beliefs.

Know thyself before you ask your partner for their password or to share their phone.

Respect other people’s privacy and individuality, respect their model of the world and remember that your beliefs are not necessarily theirs.

Some people keep journals or notes on their phones, or they may have messaged their friends about an argument you had, or a friend may have confided in you and sent a personal message that is between friends.

It doesn’t always mean that someone is cheating on you if they don’t want to show you their phone or share their accounts with you.

Would you trust a partner not to access your personal accounts after a break-up?

“He was logging on to my Facebook account and deleting my male friends!”

New research conducted by mobile phone insurance provider Better Buy Insurance suggests nearly two-thirds of Brits (65%) say they’d change their passwords, while nearly four in ten (38%) say they wouldn’t feel comfortable about a current partner having access to their personal accounts.

We asked subjects from our survey group to share their own experiences of social media and exchanging passwords in a relationship.

Becky from Manchester admits she wishes she’d changed her password following a recent break-up with a boyfriend.

“My ex knew my passwords to everything and when we broke up he was logging onto my Facebook and Instagram, and unfriending and unfollowing pretty much every boy I had on there,” said Becky.

“I only found out because my friends asked me why I had unfriended them, when I knew I hadn’t.

“I had a hunch it was him, so I confronted him, and he said he did it because he didn’t want me speaking to them.

“He was on my Instagram and Facebook accounts, snooping and reading all my messages, and deleting everyone for about a month before I realised.”

Sarah, who is from Sheffield, says she discovered something unexpected when snooping on a partner’s phone.

“I was in a relationship with a guy who had cheated on his ex-girlfriend with me before breaking up with her to be with me,” explains Sarah.

“A couple of months passed with no problems, I trusted him and we had a great time.

“But he eventually became a little distant and started acting the way he had when he was cheating on his ex-girlfriend.

“I approached him about it and he told me I had nothing to worry about and that I was being paranoid, but he continued to act strange.

“One day when he’d gone to the bathroom, I snooped on his phone and found that on a night where he’d told me he had gone to bed, he had actually gone to meet another girl.

Sarah adds: “I broke it off with him. Having spoken to the girl since, I know nothing happened, as she found him ‘cringey’ but I’m still glad I got out when I did.

“I haven’t snooped on another partner’s phone since, however I probably would again if I felt he was lying to me about something important.”

iPhone XR insurance and launch

iPhone XR insurance will soon be available here at Better Buy Insurance. The new iPhone from Apple is available to pre-order on Friday 19th October and will be in shops a week later on Friday 26th October.

Those that follow the world of mobile phones will know that the iPhone XS launched last month. This phone is the most expensive phone Apple have ever produced so many customers have probably been waiting for the less expensive XR. The 64gb iPhone XR is £749 if you buy it sim free, which is a popular way of buying mobiles these days, not exactly cheap, but not bad compared to the cheapest XS at £999.

The XR comes in 6 different colours – white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT) RED. The pricing is as follows:

iPhone XR 64gb – £749

iPhone XR 128gb – £799

iPhone XR 256gb – £899

If you want to take out iPhone XR insurance with us here at Better Buy Insurance it’s only £7.49 a month or £79.99 a year. For that you are covered for:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage (cracked screens etc)
  • Liquid damage
  • Breakdown
  • Accessories cover (up to £150)
  • Worldwide cover (90 days in any one year)
  • Unauthorised calls and data (up to £2500)

And you also get:

  • Instant cover
  • Unlimited claims
  • Cover for use by your immediate family
  • Excess only £75 for phones valued up to £899 (when new) or £100 for phones valued at £900 or more (when new).
  • A 5 star defaqto rated policy
  • Mobile phone data backup

The new handset is pretty good by the sounds of things. Apple claim it has the most powerful chip that’s ever been put in a smartphone, a screen with a liquid retina display, faster face ID and a new camera system that is a huge improvement on previous models.

So if you are upgrading to the new XR and need iPhone XR insurance more info is available here – Better Buy Insurance

iPhone XS Insurance and launch info

Got the new iPhone XS? You might want to think about iPhone XS Insurance!

As you might have already noticed Apple have the brand new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max going on sale on Friday 21st September. After the iPhone X last year caused a stir with it’s eye watering price, Apple have only gone and done it again!

The cheapest iPhone XS is £999 to buy sim free, this is the 64gb model but the Apple iPhone XS Max 512gb is £1449 believe it or not!

As you would expect, here at Better Buy Insurance we will of course be offering iPhone XS Insurance from Friday 21st September and our pricing is already on our website.

Our insurance pricing starts at £8.99 a month or £99.99 of you’d prefer to pay a year upfront. This is for the iPhone XS 64gb model. As you would expect our premiums go up as the cost of the handsets go up and the top of the range 512gb iPhone XS Max will cost £12.99 a month or £139.99 a year to insure with us. As always we are offering a Best Priced Guaranteed and further details of our guarantee can be found here – Best Price Guaranteed.

Apple are really shouting about how good their new phones are and Tim Cook, the top man at Apple, has been defending the prices they are charging in the press today.

All the info as you would expect is on the Apple website but here are just a few of the highlights:

  • OLED displays give customers the most accurate colour the industry has ever produced.
  • The XS Max has the biggest display seen on an iPhone to date, it has a 6.5 inch display.
  • The glass on the XS and XS Max is the most durable ever used on a smartphone.
  • Apple also tell us the level of water and dust resistance has improved from previous models.
  • The handsets are made from surgical-grade stainless steel.
  • Their advanced face ID is now the most secure in the market place.
  • Phones have the most powerful chip used to date which makes the phones super fast.

Our summary is that it’s a very good but expensive phone and if you buy one and need insurance here at Better Buy Insurance we are happy to help.


iPhone 9 news & iPhone 9 insurance

iPhone 9 news

It’s getting close to that time of year again. Yes, the time of year when tech sites write stories about when they think the new Apple iPhone will launch, what it will be called, how much it will cost, how big the screen will be and how different the camera will be compared to the iPhone that was launched 12 months ago.

Well here at Better Buy Insurance we’ve been reading as much Apple iPhone gossip online as we can take and we can share the following rumours:

  • Most out there think that one of the iPhones released will be called the iPhone 9. It looks like there will be at least one other mobile released at the same time, maybe 2.
  • It sounds like you will be able to pre-order on the 14th September and it will be on sale on Friday 21st September.
  • The screen could be quite a bit bigger than the screen on the iPhone 8. One site we read thinks it will be a 6.1 inch display and the phone will be made from aluminium.
  • The iPhone 9 will probably have a typical retina display with a pixel density of 330 ppi.
  • The smartphone might well have a single rear camera similar to that on the iPhone 8 with a dual aperture system a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S9.
  • The design of the screen could be very similar to the super expensive iPhone X (all screen design).
  • Face ID to replace Touch ID.

iPhone 9 insurance

So those are the main rumours we’ve picked up. What we are sure about is that when the iPhone 9 launches you will be able to insure it here at Better Buy Insurance. We can’t tell you how much the insurance will be at present because it’s not clear how much the phone will cost. Some out there think it will be the same sort of price as the iPhone 8 but quite a few think it will be priced much lower, maybe around the £500 mark.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale on Friday 24th August. It’s another top end expensive smartphone from Samsung, the 128gb model has a sim free price of £899 and the 512gb model will cost £1099.

It comes in 3 colours – lavender purple, midnight black and ocean blue and as standard has a powerful 4000 mAh battery which Samsung reckon will last all day.

Gaming is now a key consideration for mobile phone manufacturers and it looks like the Note 9 has been made with gamers in mind. It has a cutting edge processor with a water-carbon cooling system to prevent overheating. It keeps lag to a minimum with an AI-based performance adjuster which should keep game play nice and smooth.

It’s possibly no surprise they make reference to the water-carbon cooling system given their history with overheating, but it does seem this issue has been resolved which is good news for everyone.

If you’re still not convinced Samsung are also keen to shout about the largest ever infinity display and the intelligent camera with dual aperture which should give you excellent photos with little effort.

Not many mobile phones come with a bluetooth enabled pen so if that’s something you want from a smartphone then the Galaxy Note 9 might be the phone for you.

Here at Better Buy Insurance we will of course be insuring the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The 128gb will cost £7.49 a month or £79.99 a year and the more expensive 512gb model will be £9.99 a month or £109.99 a year.

We have just one simple comprehensive policy that covers you for loss, theft, damage. Our 5 star defaqto rated policy also gives you instant cover, worldwide cover and a no claims bonus.

For more information just click here – Better Buy Samsung Insurance.


A guide to keeping your gadgets safe in the home

Home insurance is used as a safety net for many of us, giving us the opportunity to replace anything that is damaged or stolen, but unfortunately insurance cannot compensate for the loss of sentimental value and the feelings of violation which can occur.

To prevent costly and sometimes upsetting replacements, we’ve pulled together the top five ways to keep your gadgets and personal items secure in your home.


  1. Use protective casing
    Screen protectors and protective cases are a must to keep your gadgets safe, especially with the sleek designs of handsets nowadays. Dropping your phone is very easily done and the results can be catastrophic, leaving you with a shattered screen at the very minimum. Protective cases are manufactured to be shockproof with enhanced grip, leaving you with peace of mind that accidents can happen but shouldn’t result in a smashed phone.

  2. Think ‘out of sight, out of mind’
    Don’t leave anything on display that may tempt a thief to break in. This applies to your phone, but also tablets, laptops or car keys. Similarly, refrain from leaving a spare key in an obvious place such as under a flower pot or where a passer-by could see you hiding it.

  3. Don’t leave your phone ‘on the edge’
    Be vigilant about not placing your phone on the edge of any worktops or other surfaces. This costly mistake accounts for many phone disasters every day and is super simple to remember. Another smartphone tragedy which can be avoided is dropping it down it the toilet. This is much more common than you might think, so take extra care when using back pockets.

  4. Keep out of reach of pets (and babies)
    Mistaking a chewy toy for the latest tech is an easy mistake to make, right? You’d think so with the amount of times pets get their teeth into our devices. Similarly, curious babies and toddlers love to spin a smartphone round in their hands before dropping it on the floor, which can also lead to damage. To prevent this, never leave your phone or any other valuables lying around – you never know what will look like a toy to your furry friend or giggly baby.

  5. Don’t advertise your whereabouts
    Don’t disclose future holiday plans with tradesmen or anyone unfamiliar and be careful of broadcasting holiday plans or pictures of yourself while you’re away on social media. Whether you’re leaving the country or just popping next door, it’s important to keep all doors and windows locked when you’re out too. Many break-ins are opportunistic, so be sure not to make it easy for them.

To insure your phone with Better Buy Insurance just click here

A guide to the best messaging apps for your mobile

Our latest research shows that 40% of us Brits find making a phone call stressful and that text message, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other forms of communication are dominating the way we contact friends, colleagues and loved ones. With so many different messaging apps available, we’ve pulled together details of the top five messaging apps to download.


By far the most popular and well-known messaging app, WhatsApp is free to download and can be synced with your phone contacts. You send text, photos, voice and short video messages to contacts, and the app is continuously updating and adding new features. However, the phone does require phone functionality so can’t be used on all devices and in the past there has been concerns around privacy and data sharing.


Viber, although not as popular as WhatsApp, encourages you to “Connect. Freely” with its app for Windows 10, Mac and Linux computers, and iOS, Android and Windows phones. The app lets you send free messages and make free calls to other Viber users on any device or network.

The app is known for being easy to use and it also reads your phone settings and contacts. It also offers HD-quality voice calls, video calls, and messages with text, photos, and stickers. It has also introduced encrypted messaging features to the app, with a color-coded icon indicating chat security and encryption. You will need a SIM card and phone functionality.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a dedicated messaging app that builds on Facebook’s existing chat format and adds more mobile messaging features. Users need a Facebook account and can send other users the usual chat messages, as well as voice messages and voice and video calls to other Messenger users, with extra features like GIF support and photo and location sharing. Just make sure to manage your settings to prevent Facebook from sharing your data.


Slack has been a huge hit for corporations and small businesses alike with its mix of messaging, scheduling, management tools, and app integration. The app covers your IM basics with real-time messaging synced across devices and also supports file sharing, direct and group messaging tools. Slack archives your messages, allowing you to search through old messages, channels and shared files, and includes integration with a variety of services such as cloud storage, Asana, Zendesk and more. Premium plans provide more features, such as expanded file storage and better app integration.


Snapchat is known for being popular among younger users. At its core, users can send each other ‘Snaps’ — photos, short videos, or messages that are only visible for a limited time before disappearing. Over the years the app has added more features such as filters and photo editing tools, a more advanced story sharing system, bitmojis, adaptive chat and more, evolving constantly in a fast-moving social media landscape. It’s a fun way to stay in touch with friends.

Gary Beeston, adds: “There are such a vast range of different apps available, whether you want to chat to your parents, stay in touch with colleague or just gossip with your friends. Once you’ve found the perfect app for your needs you won’t have to stress about a phone call.”

A guide to the best festivals this summer

Our research shows that 70% of us Brits are festival goers so, to make choosing which one to go to easier, we’ve pulled together details of the top 10 festivals to visit in this summer including dates, locations and where to buy tickets.


Throughout July, August and September, there are all kinds of fun festivals lined up – so whether you fancy heading to Hyde Park for Barclaycard presents British Summer Time or chilling out at Tabanca Caribbean Festival in Grimsby, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your music preference.


When What Where Purchase Tickets
6th – 14th Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park, London To purchase tickets starting from £69, click here
6th – 8th Wireless Finsbury Park, London To purchase tickets starting from £62, click here
14th Cocoon in the Park Temple Newsam, Leeds To purchase tickets starting from £30, click here
26th – 29th Kendal Calling Lowther Deer Park, Cumbria To purchase tickets starting from £169, click here
2nd – 5th Bestival The Lulworth Estate, East Lulworth, Dorset To purchase tickets starting from £175, click here
9th – 12th Boomtown Matterley Estate, Hampshire To purchase tickets starting from £216, click here
23rd – 26th Creamfields Daresbury, Cheshire To purchase tickets starting from £69, click here
31st – 2ndSept Sundown Festival Norfolk, Showground, Norwich To purchase tickets starting from £40, click here
13th – 16th Tabanca Caribbean Festival Grimsby To purchase tickets starting from £40, click here
22nd MINT festival Leeds To purchase tickets starting from £30, click here


Our research revealed that one in seven people have lost their phone at a festival and around half don’t know what to do if that happens.

Gary Beeston (Sales & Marketing Director) from Better Buy Insurance, says: “It’s shocking to see that so many Brits lose their phones at a festival. We are seeing more and more people taking out insurance policies in preparation for all their summer plans and it’s reassuring for them to know that if the worst does happen, you’re not without your device for long.

“With so many exciting festivals taking place over the summer months, we hope our customers find our advice helpful and for the three quarters of people that think it would be a nightmare to lose their phone, we hope we can make their life just that bit easier!”

Essential phone coming to the UK

A new Android mobile phone is to launch in the UK, the Essential PH-1 handset comes from Essential Smartphone, a company set up by Andy Rubin, a former Google Executive.


Phone info

The phone will also launch in Japan, France and Canada, the company hope that this will be a boost to sales after mixed results in the US.

The handset will cost around £330 but crucially will not, for the time being, be distributed by The Carphone Warehouse or any UK network.

The handset comes with a generous 128 GB of storage as standard, a cool edge-to-edge Quad HD display. It is available in four colours: Black, Pure White, Stellar Gray and Copper Black. The handset is robust due to solid Titanium casing and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.


More info and next steps

Mr Rubin was co-founder of Android Inc that was purchased by Google in 2007. He was the man behind pushing the technology to become a big player in the mobile market. He founded a hardware incubator called Playground Global which focuses on Robotics.

The handset was generally fairly well reviewed – Wired Magazine gave the handset a score of 8/10. However, iFixit magazine said they found the handset ‘almost impossible’ to repair because it is so hard to open.

The company have said that the PH-2 is on the way so it’ll be interesting to see if the Essential can make in-roads into the seemingly unassailable grip of Apple and Samsung on the world smartphone market. We would think that a distribution deal with a big network or Carphone Dixons would be crucial if they were to really become a big player. We wish them the best of luck.


Essential phone insurance

If you want to insure your new Essential mobile phone you can of course do so here at Better Buy Insurance. Insurance starts from just £2.99 a month.

Apple launch PRODUCT RED iPhone

Apple have announced the launch of PRODUCT RED, which is a range of products coloured Red (not surprisingly) where some of the proceeds from these products will go to help those living with HIV / AIDS.


PRODUCT RED launch date

The US giant announced the launch of an iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus PRODUCT RED Special Edition which will be available online from 13th April, orders can be made from 10th April. Pricing for the new handsets starts at £699 in the UK.


Geographical availability

Initially at least the handsets will be available in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark,  France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy,  Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, UK and US, with the handsets becoming available in other countries in time.


Other PRODUCT RED products

Also available is a new PRODUCT RED iPhone X Leather Folio priced at £99in the UK.

Other PRODUCT RED products include:

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones,

Beats Pill+ Portable Speaker

As well as accessories for other iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.


The proceeds

Proceeds from the sale of products will go to the Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants that provide support to people with HIV / AIDS. Since 2006 Apple have donated $160 million to the fund. This equates to 800 million days of ARV medication that helps prevent the transmission of HIV from months to babies.

Stylish new handsets all in a good cause, sounds good to us and it almost goes without saying that all the PRODUCT RED mobile phones can be insured here at Better Buy Insurance.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models can be insured for only £6.99 a month or £74.99 a year. We have one simple policy that covers loss, theft and damage, more details can be found at our website.

Moto phone sales growing

Moto sold around 1.5 million devices in the UK over the last 12 months. The Moto G is proving a strong seller in a market that is marginally in decline.

UK Managing Director Miles Norman said that the company had enjoyed growth of nearly 30% in Quarter 4 year on year.

Moto are now pushing for third place in the UK in the hugely competitive world of mobile phones. Interestingly another old war horse from the early years of mobiles is also in the running. Nokia have enjoyed some success with new updated versions of old classic phones and some brand new phones too.

Moto is, of course, the name now used by Motorola for their mobile phone division. Like Nokia they were in a much more dominant position in the mid to late 90s with their iconic flip phone designs.

The company is working hard to try and cement and improve on their strong position in the market. The Moto Z range of mobile phones are getting great reviews.

Features on the camera such as selective focus, selective black and white shots and shoot like a pro are proving popular. The phones also come with shatter proof screens that are guaranteed to not shatter. The processor is very fast giving the users a great high-speed experience. The phone also comes with a selection of click on accessories called Moto Mods – these change the nature of the handset as soon as they are clicked on. For example, the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer. It is exactly as it sounds. A mini printer on the back of your phone – take a photo and print it out. The Amazon Alexa speaker – good quality music with the added support of Alexa. The list is impressive – a zoom camera, a higher booster speaker, and mini projector, an extra battery pack, a game pad and stylish wood shell for a cooler look to your phone.

As we move into a world with 5G could Moto be the manufacturer who will break through and challenge Apple and Samsung as an alternative to the big two in market share shaking up the mobile phone market? No one can afford to sit back. Exciting times.

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

The latest and greatest phone from Samsung has finally been unveiled and if you pre-order you can get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ on Friday the 9th March. If you don’t pre-order you will need to wait another week.

But is it the greatest phone that Samsung have ever produced? Well if you read the reviews online from the industry experts the answer is probably yes with a but. The but is that it’s the best phone yet but only slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

If you are going to upgrade from the S8 to the S9 it’s not going to be cheap. The Samsung S9 64gb is priced at £739 sim free and the S9+ 128gb is £869. It might be that Samsung fans that still have the S6 or the S7 might be tempted and the S8 owners might hang on for the S10.

So how is it different from the previous phones from Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Well the big change is the quality of the camera, if you want to know the technical stuff explaining how and why the camera is so great you might want to check out the Samsung website. From what we’ve read it does sound pretty good.

It also has a slow motion facility which if you like a bit of slow motion might just convince you to upgrade.

The thing that your friends are going to be showing you down the pub however will be the animated cartoons of themselves that will mimic their expressions. Samsung are calling these AR Emojis, they are a bit like the Animojis that Apple have given anyone who bought an iPhone X but these are human rather than animal. Not for everyone but it just shows what mobile phone manufacturers need to do to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Broadband news for people in the country

Folk living in rural areas might finally have some good news on the horizon for better broadband speeds. Two developments announced recently suggest that significant improvements will be seen relatively soon.

Church buildings might help WiFi and 4G signals

Firstly, the Church of England and various Government Departments have announced that the Church’s buildings could be used to enhance both WiFi and 4G signals.

Many church buildings are in rural communities and they are often situated centrally within these communities, combining this with the fact that they have towers or spires they make perfect locations to send out a signal. The other factor that helps is that they are in place, so there are no big costs associated with building towers or local planning hurdles to jump through.

4G services for rural users

The second exciting development for rural broadband is that EE, the mobile phone arm of BT, has announced a scheme to bring high speed 4G services to nearly 600,000 rural properties.

EE will attach a special box to a subscriber’s home and this ensures a strong, reliable connection to the network’s 4G services. This service is about double the price of a normal broadband connection but it could be a lifeline to farmers, children studying and small business owners.

It makes perfect sense for EE to offer this service to make extra revenue from the infrastructure it is building associated with rolling out the new Emergency Services Network, the service taking over from the old radio communications network for the police, fire and ambulance services. Currently the network covers 90% of the country and this will increase to 95% over the next couple of years.

So rural users should be better connected by one of the two schemes very soon. This is good news for those living out in the country and for the conservative party who have been under considerable pressure to roll out super fast broadband to everyone in the UK, not just those living in towns and cities.

Broadband – is it over when mobiles get 5G?

The SIM only MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) GiffGaff recently released a report suggesting that data usage will soar with the launch of 5G mobile phone services.

Their report suggested that users will be using up to 100GB of data via their mobile phones by 2025.

Massive increase in data usage

The vast majority of this massive increase in data usage will be driven by video streaming of films, sports events, programmes, face to face connectivity, tutorials, lectures, comedy shows, live music events etc.

Even if they are half right it represents a dramatic change in our habits compared to how we use our phones and gadgets nowadays. This is especially true given that current data usage per month is somewhere between 2 and 3GB.

Where does this leave fixed line broadband services? Will someone visiting your home still ask for the Wi-Fi code for their mobile phone or will they simply use their 5G handset which is likely to be faster and more efficient.

It is possible to envisage a scenario whereby people living in an area of good 5G coverage will simply not bother to set up a broadband service which will cost, at today’s prices, anywhere from £20 to £30 a month. They will use the connectivity of their mobile for all their needs.

Broadband shares drop

This might be something in the minds of the City, the share price of TalkTalk, the broadband specialist, has dropped dramatically over the last few years. As recently as Summer 2015 the price was over £4, at the time of writing today it is hovering around £1.10.

BroadBand companies look to be in for a tough ride over the next few years competing with high speed mobile phone connections.

In urban areas and areas of strong mobile coverage the need for a broadband connection will diminish and this is the core bread and butter markets for broadband companies, i.e. densely populated areas that can be serviced relatively easily.

Now it appears that they might be marginalised and have to fight each other over the more difficult rural areas to maintain market share let alone grow.

Here at Better Buy Insurance we are ready and waiting to insure your brand new 5G handsets as soon as they become available.


iPhone X news

The iPhone X has been very popular here at Better Buy Insurance since it launched with a bang back in November 2017.

Most expensive iPhone

It’s the most expensive phone that Apple have ever produced. The iPhone X 64gb launched at and still costs £999 here in the UK and the iPhone X 256gb was and still is £1149. These prices are if you buy the phone sim free, deals of course are available if you buy the phone with a contract.

To insure these precious and expensive phones will cost £8.49 a month or £89.99 a year if you do so here at Better Buy Insurance.

If Apple are right with their sales predictions we might not be insuring as many of these phones as we have been. Reports are in that Apple have slashed production of the iPhone X models despite the phone selling like hot cakes in the three months since launch.

Limited availability

Apparently they have asked their suppliers to reduce the number of handsets produced from 40 million to 20 million (quite a reduction). News of this hit the share price quite hard before a slight recovery.

From an outsider looking in maybe Apple believe that a lot of people who want such an expensive phone have already gone out and bought it and demand will fall away. Leaving customers unwilling to spend over £1000 on a phone to upgrade to the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 7.

 Biggest quarterly profit in history

Regardless of all this speculation what we do know is that Apple are expected to announce a profit of over $19 billion, not for last year, oh no, for just the last three months of 2017! This will be the biggest quarterly profit in history so we shouldn’t feel too sorry that they might not sell as many iPhone X phones as they first hoped.

Interesting times in the phone world and I’m sure other manufacturers like Samsung, HTC and Huawei are keeping a close eye on all of this ahead of their own new models coming out in 2018.

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iPhone battery slow down

As you may have heard, Apple have recently admitted and apologised for slowing down older iPhone models. This is something that many people have suspected for years.

The theory on the street was that Apple would deliberately slow down older iPhones to encourage those customers to upgrade to more up to date and more expensive iPhone models. The more frequently customers upgrade the more cash gets added to the mountain of money Apple has already accumulated ($200 billion approx).

iPhone Battery Life

Apple have denied that this is the reason they were slowing down older phones. They say that it was done to ‘prolong the life’ of the batteries/ iPhones. They have also announced that they will now be selling much cheaper replacement batteries to anyone with an iPhone 6 or older. The price was £79 for a replacement battery, this will drop to £25 so a pretty significant saving.

It’s not clear that the apology and the battery price drop is enough for everyone because they are facing 8 lawsuits in the US alone and this number may of course rise.

Here at Better Buy Insurance we offer iPhone insurance to any customer with an iPhone that is less than 6 months old (at the time they take out insurance with us).

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Best Price Guarantee

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Samsung S9 news

Phone insurance is what we do here at Better Buy Insurance but we also like to share information about new phones that our customers are likely to buy and might then insure with us.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 were very popular handsets and even though they only went on sale in the UK this year (2017), the internet is going crazy with speculation about the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

When will it go on sale?

The first piece of gossip is regarding the date the S9 might go on sale. Some think January, some think February and others think March. Samsung usually launch their new phone in the UK in April or May so although there is much disagreement about which month, the vast majority of industry insiders think the new Samsung will launch earlier than normal.

What will it look like?

According to the experts the front of the new S9 will look much like the S8, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I guess. The screen might be slightly larger but it will most likely keep the all-screen front and the neat curved edges. The back of the phone is another matter with one source suggesting there will be big changes to the rear of the handset. Unfortunately this source didn’t say what the changes would be but others think a dual-rear camera could be added and some changes might be made to the fingerprint sensor on the back.

Will there be any other changes?

It sounds like there will be quite a few technical changes that you might not notice but should improve performance. One thing you might notice is an improved Iris scanner that is already present on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Samsung are keen to get banks onboard with this so Samsung customers can use it with their banking apps.

What will the new Samsung S9 cost?

With the new iPhone X models costing £999 or £1149 for the top end version you might be worried that the new Samsung might also cost a grand or more. From what we’ve been reading you shouldn’t worry too much. It sounds like the S9 and S9+ will be priced at about the same price points as the S8 and the S8+ so probably £689 for the S9 and £779 for the S9+. Not cheap but cheaper than the iPhone X!

How much will phone insurance cost?

If we are right about the price of the handsets then here at Better Buy Insurance cover will be just £5.99 a month or £64.99 a year.

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Dixons Carphone profit worries

The mobile phone retailer Dixons Carphone is under pressure to close some of its stores as the city fears a sharp reduction in profits when the company gives an update later this month.

The share price has already fallen from over £3.50 12 months ago to just £1.67 today. There was a profit warning back in August when Dixons Carphone revealed that customers were hanging on to their mobile phones longer before upgrading to the latest models.

Risk that stores may close

City analysts reckon that pre-tax profits could be as low as £63m down massively from £144m a year ago. This is why that some are suggesting that the company might have to look closely at its model which might mean some stores need to close.

Reports suggest that the Apple iPhone 8 launch was disappointing for Apple and for other mobile phone retailers like Dixons Carphone. Luckily the more expensive iPhone X, despite its eye watering price tag, is selling really well so maybe this will be a bit of good news when Dixons Carphone give their next update to shareholders.

For readers interested in buying the Apple iPhone X, the 64gb model is £999 and the 256gb model is £1149. It’s the sort of phone that might make you think about insurance!

Buying an iPhone X from Dixons Carphone?

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iPhone X sales

Apple may have just had their best weekend for sales in their history. Although they haven’t shared any figures, Jun Zhang an analyst who works for Rosenblatt Securities has calculated that they might have sold 6 million iPhone X models.

It’s a long weekend (4 days) that’s being looked at, but no matter how it’s worked out the numbers are staggering. In a regular 4 day period 1.75 million iPhone X phones are sold so if these figures are right they more than tripled their normal sales rate.

18 iPhone X units sold every second

If you are still struggling with such big numbers it works out something like 17 or 18 iPhone X units sold every second over a 4 day period!

Before the top end handset was launched many said that such an expensive mobile phone wouldn’t sell. It’s looking fairly clear that despite the price tag of £999 for the iPhone X 64gb and £1149 for the iPhone X 256gb these smartphones are selling like hot cakes.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The next big smartphone launch is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy S9. I’m sure the Samsung senior management are now thinking that maybe they should offer a handset in the same price range. Maybe they too will bring out 2 handsets at the same time as it seemed to work pretty well for Apple.

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Mobile phones stolen at Royal Blood gigs

After reports of mobile phones being stolen at their concerts in Cardiff and Reading, the band, Royal Blood, have warned their fans to be extra vigilant and to keep a look out for their mobile phones and wallets when attending their gigs.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested with a staggering 53 mobile phones that were thought to have been stolen at a concert in Birmingham.

It would suggest that the band are being targeted by a gang who think that there is enough chaos in front of the stage for phones to be taken without the knowledge of the owners. Or when the owners do notice it’s too late.

Phones worth £1000 being stolen

These days with phones costing £1,000 in some cases, like the new Apple iPhone X, thieves could be stealing literally thousands of pounds worth of equipment in a matter of an hour or so.

This is not the first time thieves have targeted concert goers. A man was arrested after a concert by The Courteeners at the Brixton Academy in 2014. It was thought that he was wearing a tracksuit under his jeans and he simply slipped the phones down the tracksuit once other gang members had pickpocketed unsuspecting concert goers.

Thieves target concert goers

Sadly, it seems that thieves are happy to target concert goers in this way, many of whom are young and might find themselves in difficulty without a phone to contact friends or family if they get split up after a concert.

Royal Blood continue their tour tomorrow in Bournemouth then Brighton before heading off to continue the tour worldwide. If you are going to these gigs or any others please be careful with your phones, especially when taking photos or videos.

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iPhone 8 rumours

The new iPhone 8, or whatever Apple decide to call it in the end, is due to launch in September or maybe October if the rumours online are to be believed. It seems that the launch could be delayed so it could well be October by the time we see the iPhone 8, the iPhone X or maybe they will just call it the iPhone?

It’s looking like Apple may also launch an iPhone 7S and a 7S Plus at the same time but the iPhone 8 is the phone the Apple fans are most excited about.

iPhone 8 limited release

One analyst thinks that supply of the iPhone 8 will be limited for the first month or two which if true could mean longer queues than normal on the day it goes on sale. It looks like a restricted supply of key components may well be the cause of this problem so some customers might have to wait until later in the year to get their hands on the 10 year anniversary phone.

Other unconfirmed news is that the iPhone 8 will come in 3 colours – black, silver and gold. It won’t have the home button iPhone users will be used to by now and instead will have an edge to edge display meaning more room to view images/ videos etc.

There is all sorts of internet chatter about facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor that works from under the screen. These apparently are causing some challenges so it remains to be seen if these will feature in the new smartphone.

Most expensive iPhone ever?

What everyone agrees on is that it could well be the most expensive iPhone that’s been produced to date. Could the top end iPhone go over the £1000 mark? Whatever it’s called and whatever it costs you will be able to insure your new iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus or your iPhone 8 here at Better Buy Insurance.

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Mobile phones being grabbed by gangs on mopeds

Mobile phones are being snatched by gangs targeting pedestrians in London. Pedestrians who are using their mobile phones are finding that gangs on mopeds are coming up to them and grabbing their mobile phones from literally right under their noses before the unsuspecting victims really know what’s happened.

Some of these gangs have been spotted carrying knives, hammers and other weapons but thankfully most snatches are completed without the use of violence.

People are being urged to be more careful when using their phone when out and about especially texting at the side of the road where a gang can easily swoop and grab the handset as it is being held out whilst the user sends a message or browses the internet.

Arrests made in connection with mobile phone thefts

In the last few days four teenagers have been arrested in connection with the theft of mobile phones on Thursday 4th May. The boys were aged between 15 and 18. All have been charged with conspiracy to rob. It has been recorded that the gangs committed 30 robberies in just over an hour.

There have been a number of incidents in Battersea South London where gangs have been riding around on mopeds with no number plates on which leads police to suspect the mopeds themselves have been stolen. The driving can be extremely dangerous and of course they are not covered by insurance. In one incident, a gang weaved in and out of tables outside a restaurant.

Police stop chasing moped gangs

Local residents in Battersea say their lives are being blighted by these crimes and are keen for the Police to take stronger action. It is felt that one contributing factor is that the police have stopped chasing moped gangs in the fear of causing accidents which might lead to serious injury or even deaths.

The Met Police are deploying plain clothes officers in an attempt to reduce the number of incidents.

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4G coverage in the UK

A report from the National Infrastructure Commission has highlighted the relatively poor 4G services in the UK compared with other countries. The report puts the UK in 54th place in the world, behind the like of Romania, Peru and Albania, for coverage of 4G services.

5G services from 2020

Andrew Adonis, the former Labour minister, said that the government must not make the same mistakes when rolling out the next generation of mobile services known as 5G. The public can expect to see 5G services coming on line from 2020 which will provide even faster and broader services. These services will be the backbone of the much heralded ‘Internet of things’, where a whole load of devices will become connected and allow for remote control.

Andrew Adonis’ criticisms of 4G were based around the poor coverage in rural areas and along communication links such as roads and railways. He was very clear in stating that business is being held back by the limitations on these services.

£5 billion to improve 5G coverage

The network operators have committed to improve coverage and reduce ‘not spots’ – areas of poor coverage. They have committed a pot of £5 billion to turn things around. This will be welcome news to those trying to run businesses in areas of poor coverage. It will also help out those who suffer from poor internet coverage due to outdated infrastructure or even no service in their area. A good 4G signal easily allows a PC, laptop or Tablet to be used for surfing web services.

The new services provided by 5G will be a new dawn but it will mean everyone needing to change their handsets to a 5G enabled one. With the new 5G services due to launch in 2020 there is a little time to prepare.

Here at Better Buy Insurance we will of course be insuring all 5G handsets when they launch. In the mean time you can insure your 4G handsets here at Better Buy Insurance.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 – latest news

Samsung have had a terrible year with all the problems they had with the Note 7, so the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 can’t come soon enough for them.

Samsung Galaxy S8 launch date

The expectation is that the phone will be available as soon as February or March 2017. That said, there is no way Samsung will risk the overheating problems they had with the Note 7 so they might spend more time than usual testing the phone which would delay things to maybe April or May.

Word online has it that Samsung might say goodbye to the home button with this phone launch so that the screen can be even bigger. The other big rumour out there is that the display could be 4K, this would make sense as Samsung are really promoting the Gear VR headset.

Dual camera module with telephoto zoom lens

The recent top end Samsung phones have been quite impressive in the camera department and the expectation is that Samsung will add a dual camera module with telephoto zoom lens, that’s what the Apple iPhone 7 Plus has and Samsung will want to keep up for obvious reasons.

When the S7 launched the TV adverts made a big deal about the phone being waterproof. You may remember the poor lad in the advert waiting for a phone call from a young lady he met and when he finally gets the call he drops his phone in a sink full of water! Well after the money they spent on that marketing campaign it would be a huge surprise if the S8 wasn’t waterproof, they might even improve the IP (Ingress Protection) so it’s even more resistant to water and dust.

Finally, if you like a selfie or two the S8 could be worth waiting for. A few bloggers have been talking about something called ‘Smart Glow’. This is a ring around the camera lens on the back of the phone that can light up when you get notifications and also light up when the camera detects a face. The face detection could improve the users ability to take selfies we understand. Brilliant if you like that sort of thing.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

Pricing is likely to be similar to the S7 but with their reputation in pieces after the Note 7 the key thing with this phone is that it doesn’t over heat!

Whatever the specs and whatever the price of the Samsung Galaxy S8, here at Better Buy Insurance we will be ready and waiting to insure your new phone. Our ‘Best Price Guarantee’ applies to all phones including the new S8, our excess is low and our cover is second to none.

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