iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs. Android – what the data tells us

iPhone vs. Android is an age-old debate with the power to create heated arguments no matter where you are – you could be at home with your families, out and about with close friends or even at your desk working – but as soon a comment is made in favour of iPhones or Androids, you’re sure to witness a dividing debate.

But we’d like to know why this is. What really makes an iPhone or an Android user?

We’ve collated data around the attitudes, habits and general quirks of British Android and iPhone fans.


iPhone or Android? % more likely than the other brand user
Is a female iPhone 18.04%
Thinks of themselves as well dressed iPhone 12.13%
Thinks they have bad social skills Android 10.93%
Visits Greggs Android 10.48%
Failing their children is one of their biggest concerns iPhone 10.43%
It’s important that their families approve of their partner iPhone 10.33%
Visits Marks & Spencer iPhone 9.21%
Visits Poundland Android 8.69%
Has expensive taste iPhone 8.47%
Values family over everything iPhone 8.45%
Thinks weddings are a waste of money Android 8.23%
Thinks marriage is an outdated institution Android 7.04%
Thinks it’s important to find their place in society iPhone 6.34%
Buys clothes from George Android 6.27%
Buys clothes from ASOS iPhone 6.09%
Only buys the best-known brands iPhone 5.38%
Visits Nando’s iPhone 5.06%
Uber user iPhone 5%


Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale on Friday 24th August. It’s another top end expensive smartphone from Samsung, the 128gb model has a sim free price of £899 and the 512gb model will cost £1099.

It comes in 3 colours – lavender purple, midnight black and ocean blue and as standard has a powerful 4000 mAh battery which Samsung reckon will last all day.

Gaming is now a key consideration for mobile phone manufacturers and it looks like the Note 9 has been made with gamers in mind. It has a cutting edge processor with a water-carbon cooling system to prevent overheating. It keeps lag to a minimum with an AI-based performance adjuster which should keep game play nice and smooth.

It’s possibly no surprise they make reference to the water-carbon cooling system given their history with overheating, but it does seem this issue has been resolved which is good news for everyone.

If you’re still not convinced Samsung are also keen to shout about the largest ever infinity display and the intelligent camera with dual aperture which should give you excellent photos with little effort.

Not many mobile phones come with a bluetooth enabled pen so if that’s something you want from a smartphone then the Galaxy Note 9 might be the phone for you.

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A guide to the best festivals this summer

Our research shows that 70% of us Brits are festival goers so, to make choosing which one to go to easier, we’ve pulled together details of the top 10 festivals to visit in this summer including dates, locations and where to buy tickets.


Throughout July, August and September, there are all kinds of fun festivals lined up – so whether you fancy heading to Hyde Park for Barclaycard presents British Summer Time or chilling out at Tabanca Caribbean Festival in Grimsby, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your music preference.


When What Where Purchase Tickets
6th – 14th Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park, London To purchase tickets starting from £69, click here
6th – 8th Wireless Finsbury Park, London To purchase tickets starting from £62, click here
14th Cocoon in the Park Temple Newsam, Leeds To purchase tickets starting from £30, click here
26th – 29th Kendal Calling Lowther Deer Park, Cumbria To purchase tickets starting from £169, click here
2nd – 5th Bestival The Lulworth Estate, East Lulworth, Dorset To purchase tickets starting from £175, click here
9th – 12th Boomtown Matterley Estate, Hampshire To purchase tickets starting from £216, click here
23rd – 26th Creamfields Daresbury, Cheshire To purchase tickets starting from £69, click here
31st – 2ndSept Sundown Festival Norfolk, Showground, Norwich To purchase tickets starting from £40, click here
13th – 16th Tabanca Caribbean Festival Grimsby To purchase tickets starting from £40, click here
22nd MINT festival Leeds To purchase tickets starting from £30, click here


Our research revealed that one in seven people have lost their phone at a festival and around half don’t know what to do if that happens.

Gary Beeston (Sales & Marketing Director) from Better Buy Insurance, says: “It’s shocking to see that so many Brits lose their phones at a festival. We are seeing more and more people taking out insurance policies in preparation for all their summer plans and it’s reassuring for them to know that if the worst does happen, you’re not without your device for long.

“With so many exciting festivals taking place over the summer months, we hope our customers find our advice helpful and for the three quarters of people that think it would be a nightmare to lose their phone, we hope we can make their life just that bit easier!”

Essential phone coming to the UK

A new Android mobile phone is to launch in the UK, the Essential PH-1 handset comes from Essential Smartphone, a company set up by Andy Rubin, a former Google Executive.


Phone info

The phone will also launch in Japan, France and Canada, the company hope that this will be a boost to sales after mixed results in the US.

The handset will cost around £330 but crucially will not, for the time being, be distributed by The Carphone Warehouse or any UK network.

The handset comes with a generous 128 GB of storage as standard, a cool edge-to-edge Quad HD display. It is available in four colours: Black, Pure White, Stellar Gray and Copper Black. The handset is robust due to solid Titanium casing and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.


More info and next steps

Mr Rubin was co-founder of Android Inc that was purchased by Google in 2007. He was the man behind pushing the technology to become a big player in the mobile market. He founded a hardware incubator called Playground Global which focuses on Robotics.

The handset was generally fairly well reviewed – Wired Magazine gave the handset a score of 8/10. However, iFixit magazine said they found the handset ‘almost impossible’ to repair because it is so hard to open.

The company have said that the PH-2 is on the way so it’ll be interesting to see if the Essential can make in-roads into the seemingly unassailable grip of Apple and Samsung on the world smartphone market. We would think that a distribution deal with a big network or Carphone Dixons would be crucial if they were to really become a big player. We wish them the best of luck.


Essential phone insurance

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Moto phone sales growing

Moto sold around 1.5 million devices in the UK over the last 12 months. The Moto G is proving a strong seller in a market that is marginally in decline.

UK Managing Director Miles Norman said that the company had enjoyed growth of nearly 30% in Quarter 4 year on year.

Moto are now pushing for third place in the UK in the hugely competitive world of mobile phones. Interestingly another old war horse from the early years of mobiles is also in the running. Nokia have enjoyed some success with new updated versions of old classic phones and some brand new phones too.

Moto is, of course, the name now used by Motorola for their mobile phone division. Like Nokia they were in a much more dominant position in the mid to late 90s with their iconic flip phone designs.

The company is working hard to try and cement and improve on their strong position in the market. The Moto Z range of mobile phones are getting great reviews.

Features on the camera such as selective focus, selective black and white shots and shoot like a pro are proving popular. The phones also come with shatter proof screens that are guaranteed to not shatter. The processor is very fast giving the users a great high-speed experience. The phone also comes with a selection of click on accessories called Moto Mods – these change the nature of the handset as soon as they are clicked on. For example, the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer. It is exactly as it sounds. A mini printer on the back of your phone – take a photo and print it out. The Amazon Alexa speaker – good quality music with the added support of Alexa. The list is impressive – a zoom camera, a higher booster speaker, and mini projector, an extra battery pack, a game pad and stylish wood shell for a cooler look to your phone.

As we move into a world with 5G could Moto be the manufacturer who will break through and challenge Apple and Samsung as an alternative to the big two in market share shaking up the mobile phone market? No one can afford to sit back. Exciting times.

Samsung Galaxy S9 release date

The latest and greatest phone from Samsung has finally been unveiled and if you pre-order you can get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ on Friday the 9th March. If you don’t pre-order you will need to wait another week.

But is it the greatest phone that Samsung have ever produced? Well if you read the reviews online from the industry experts the answer is probably yes with a but. The but is that it’s the best phone yet but only slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Price

If you are going to upgrade from the S8 to the S9 it’s not going to be cheap. The Samsung S9 64gb is priced at £739 sim free and the S9+ 128gb is £869. It might be that Samsung fans that still have the S6 or the S7 might be tempted and the S8 owners might hang on for the S10.

So how is it different from the previous phones from Samsung?

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Well the big change is the quality of the camera, if you want to know the technical stuff explaining how and why the camera is so great you might want to check out the Samsung website. From what we’ve read it does sound pretty good.

It also has a slow motion facility which if you like a bit of slow motion might just convince you to upgrade.

The thing that your friends are going to be showing you down the pub however will be the animated cartoons of themselves that will mimic their expressions. Samsung are calling these AR Emojis, they are a bit like the Animojis that Apple have given anyone who bought an iPhone X but these are human rather than animal. Not for everyone but it just shows what mobile phone manufacturers need to do to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Broadband – is it over when mobiles get 5G?

The SIM only MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) GiffGaff recently released a report suggesting that data usage will soar with the launch of 5G mobile phone services.

Their report suggested that users will be using up to 100GB of data via their mobile phones by 2025.

Massive increase in data usage

The vast majority of this massive increase in data usage will be driven by video streaming of films, sports events, programmes, face to face connectivity, tutorials, lectures, comedy shows, live music events etc.

Even if they are half right it represents a dramatic change in our habits compared to how we use our phones and gadgets nowadays. This is especially true given that current data usage per month is somewhere between 2 and 3GB.

Where does this leave fixed line broadband services? Will someone visiting your home still ask for the Wi-Fi code for their mobile phone or will they simply use their 5G handset which is likely to be faster and more efficient.

It is possible to envisage a scenario whereby people living in an area of good 5G coverage will simply not bother to set up a broadband service which will cost, at today’s prices, anywhere from £20 to £30 a month. They will use the connectivity of their mobile for all their needs.

Broadband shares drop

This might be something in the minds of the City, the share price of TalkTalk, the broadband specialist, has dropped dramatically over the last few years. As recently as Summer 2015 the price was over £4, at the time of writing today it is hovering around £1.10.

BroadBand companies look to be in for a tough ride over the next few years competing with high speed mobile phone connections.

In urban areas and areas of strong mobile coverage the need for a broadband connection will diminish and this is the core bread and butter markets for broadband companies, i.e. densely populated areas that can be serviced relatively easily.

Now it appears that they might be marginalised and have to fight each other over the more difficult rural areas to maintain market share let alone grow.

Here at Better Buy Insurance we are ready and waiting to insure your brand new 5G handsets as soon as they become available.

image: www.freeimages.co.uk

Samsung S9 news

Phone insurance is what we do here at Better Buy Insurance but we also like to share information about new phones that our customers are likely to buy and might then insure with us.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 were very popular handsets and even though they only went on sale in the UK this year (2017), the internet is going crazy with speculation about the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

When will it go on sale?

The first piece of gossip is regarding the date the S9 might go on sale. Some think January, some think February and others think March. Samsung usually launch their new phone in the UK in April or May so although there is much disagreement about which month, the vast majority of industry insiders think the new Samsung will launch earlier than normal.

What will it look like?

According to the experts the front of the new S9 will look much like the S8, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it I guess. The screen might be slightly larger but it will most likely keep the all-screen front and the neat curved edges. The back of the phone is another matter with one source suggesting there will be big changes to the rear of the handset. Unfortunately this source didn’t say what the changes would be but others think a dual-rear camera could be added and some changes might be made to the fingerprint sensor on the back.

Will there be any other changes?

It sounds like there will be quite a few technical changes that you might not notice but should improve performance. One thing you might notice is an improved Iris scanner that is already present on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Samsung are keen to get banks onboard with this so Samsung customers can use it with their banking apps.

What will the new Samsung S9 cost?

With the new iPhone X models costing £999 or £1149 for the top end version you might be worried that the new Samsung might also cost a grand or more. From what we’ve been reading you shouldn’t worry too much. It sounds like the S9 and S9+ will be priced at about the same price points as the S8 and the S8+ so probably £689 for the S9 and £779 for the S9+. Not cheap but cheaper than the iPhone X!

How much will phone insurance cost?

If we are right about the price of the handsets then here at Better Buy Insurance cover will be just £5.99 a month or £64.99 a year.

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Mobile phones stolen at Royal Blood gigs

After reports of mobile phones being stolen at their concerts in Cardiff and Reading, the band, Royal Blood, have warned their fans to be extra vigilant and to keep a look out for their mobile phones and wallets when attending their gigs.

A 22-year-old man has been arrested with a staggering 53 mobile phones that were thought to have been stolen at a concert in Birmingham.

It would suggest that the band are being targeted by a gang who think that there is enough chaos in front of the stage for phones to be taken without the knowledge of the owners. Or when the owners do notice it’s too late.

Phones worth £1000 being stolen

These days with phones costing £1,000 in some cases, like the new Apple iPhone X, thieves could be stealing literally thousands of pounds worth of equipment in a matter of an hour or so.

This is not the first time thieves have targeted concert goers. A man was arrested after a concert by The Courteeners at the Brixton Academy in 2014. It was thought that he was wearing a tracksuit under his jeans and he simply slipped the phones down the tracksuit once other gang members had pickpocketed unsuspecting concert goers.

Thieves target concert goers

Sadly, it seems that thieves are happy to target concert goers in this way, many of whom are young and might find themselves in difficulty without a phone to contact friends or family if they get split up after a concert.

Royal Blood continue their tour tomorrow in Bournemouth then Brighton before heading off to continue the tour worldwide. If you are going to these gigs or any others please be careful with your phones, especially when taking photos or videos.

If you are thinking about insuring your mobile phone against theft, loss or damage you can do so here at Better Buy Insurance. Just follow this link:

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Mobile phones being grabbed by gangs on mopeds

Mobile phones are being snatched by gangs targeting pedestrians in London. Pedestrians who are using their mobile phones are finding that gangs on mopeds are coming up to them and grabbing their mobile phones from literally right under their noses before the unsuspecting victims really know what’s happened.

Some of these gangs have been spotted carrying knives, hammers and other weapons but thankfully most snatches are completed without the use of violence.

People are being urged to be more careful when using their phone when out and about especially texting at the side of the road where a gang can easily swoop and grab the handset as it is being held out whilst the user sends a message or browses the internet.

Arrests made in connection with mobile phone thefts

In the last few days four teenagers have been arrested in connection with the theft of mobile phones on Thursday 4th May. The boys were aged between 15 and 18. All have been charged with conspiracy to rob. It has been recorded that the gangs committed 30 robberies in just over an hour.

There have been a number of incidents in Battersea South London where gangs have been riding around on mopeds with no number plates on which leads police to suspect the mopeds themselves have been stolen. The driving can be extremely dangerous and of course they are not covered by insurance. In one incident, a gang weaved in and out of tables outside a restaurant.

Police stop chasing moped gangs

Local residents in Battersea say their lives are being blighted by these crimes and are keen for the Police to take stronger action. It is felt that one contributing factor is that the police have stopped chasing moped gangs in the fear of causing accidents which might lead to serious injury or even deaths.

The Met Police are deploying plain clothes officers in an attempt to reduce the number of incidents.

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