Essential phone coming to the UK

A new Android mobile phone is to launch in the UK, the Essential PH-1 handset comes from Essential Smartphone, a company set up by Andy Rubin, a former Google Executive.


Phone info

The phone will also launch in Japan, France and Canada, the company hope that this will be a boost to sales after mixed results in the US.

The handset will cost around £330 but crucially will not, for the time being, be distributed by The Carphone Warehouse or any UK network.

The handset comes with a generous 128 GB of storage as standard, a cool edge-to-edge Quad HD display. It is available in four colours: Black, Pure White, Stellar Gray and Copper Black. The handset is robust due to solid Titanium casing and the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass.


More info and next steps

Mr Rubin was co-founder of Android Inc that was purchased by Google in 2007. He was the man behind pushing the technology to become a big player in the mobile market. He founded a hardware incubator called Playground Global which focuses on Robotics.

The handset was generally fairly well reviewed – Wired Magazine gave the handset a score of 8/10. However, iFixit magazine said they found the handset ‘almost impossible’ to repair because it is so hard to open.

The company have said that the PH-2 is on the way so it’ll be interesting to see if the Essential can make in-roads into the seemingly unassailable grip of Apple and Samsung on the world smartphone market. We would think that a distribution deal with a big network or Carphone Dixons would be crucial if they were to really become a big player. We wish them the best of luck.


Essential phone insurance

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