iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs. Android – what the data tells us

iPhone vs. Android is an age-old debate with the power to create heated arguments no matter where you are – you could be at home with your families, out and about with close friends or even at your desk working – but as soon a comment is made in favour of iPhones or Androids, you’re sure to witness a dividing debate.

But we’d like to know why this is. What really makes an iPhone or an Android user?

We’ve collated data around the attitudes, habits and general quirks of British Android and iPhone fans.


iPhone or Android? % more likely than the other brand user
Is a female iPhone 18.04%
Thinks of themselves as well dressed iPhone 12.13%
Thinks they have bad social skills Android 10.93%
Visits Greggs Android 10.48%
Failing their children is one of their biggest concerns iPhone 10.43%
It’s important that their families approve of their partner iPhone 10.33%
Visits Marks & Spencer iPhone 9.21%
Visits Poundland Android 8.69%
Has expensive taste iPhone 8.47%
Values family over everything iPhone 8.45%
Thinks weddings are a waste of money Android 8.23%
Thinks marriage is an outdated institution Android 7.04%
Thinks it’s important to find their place in society iPhone 6.34%
Buys clothes from George Android 6.27%
Buys clothes from ASOS iPhone 6.09%
Only buys the best-known brands iPhone 5.38%
Visits Nando’s iPhone 5.06%
Uber user iPhone 5%